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The Reviews Are A’comin’ In: Making Tracks Home in No Depression, Blue Ridge Outdoors
We’ve been experiencing a gorgeous resurgence of winter here in lovely Lyons, Colorado. Nothing’s so lovely as fresh snow, and boy, do we need it! We’ve been enjoying it, watching... Read more »
Spring! New Album!!!! Music for Film!
So much going on this month! Spring is already in the air, with deer, foxes and birds showing up in large numbers to feast outside our back door here in... Read more »
Lots Happening in Taarka Land this Spring!
We are most excited to announce that our new album is finally complete! “Making Tracks Home” – in part a chronicle of our post-flood emotional and geographical journeys – is... Read more »
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Mar 13
at Taarka in Albuquerque at the Cooperage
8:00 pmTickets: $13 adv $18 doorAll Ages
Mar 14
at Taarka
Taos Mesa Brewing CompanyTaos, NM
7:00 pmTickets: $10All Ages
Mar 15
at TAARKA at Avogadro's Number
7:00 pmTickets: $15All Ages
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