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River Eddy Blues: Commemorating September 11, 2013.
The dates Sept 11 – 15 have been significant in TAARKA’s history twice now. David and Enion were in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 11, 2001, relishing what seemed like an... Read more »
TAARKA chat with Quentin Young
Taarka sit down to chat with Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.  
Taarka Starts 2014 Spring Tour
We are so glad to be back in our home state of Colorado. Our little town of Lyons is still working hard to recover from the flood event of September... Read more »
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Oct 2
TAARKA at Taarka w/ The Moonshine and The Hollowtops
8:00 pmTickets: $10All Ages
Oct 3
TAARKA at Taarka @ Zoograss
5:30 pmTickets: $10All Ages
Oct 3
TAARKA at Taarka @ Missoula ZOOGRASS Festival
9:00 pmTickets: $10All Ages
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