A Whole New…world

Well, you all know this by now, but we aren’t in California. We aren’t even in the next town over – we’re just stayin’ home. In this brave new age we’ve all suddenly found ourselves within, we’re stayin’ home, and making the best of it. We’ve been cooking good food, writing a couple of new songs, practicing the heck out of Bach and Bill Monroe, and making videos. We’re making videos in our living room, and putting them out there after we’ve gone over them with a medium-toothed comb, and we’re playing concerts live over videostream in our living room, so you can watch from the comfort of your living room while we’re all stuck in our living rooms apart, together. This thing we’re doing is, right now, happening every Wednesday at 7 pm Mountain Time, on the old Facebook. You can check it out by going to http://facebook.com/taarka/live. We plan to try streaming from http://youtube.com/taarkamusic as well next week, so if you don’t like the Facebook, you don’t have to go there. We’re doing this out of love of you, and of music, but also because ALL OUR GIGS ARE GONE! And like most professional musicians, we depend on our gigs to make a living. If you’re worried, like we are, about what will become of us in this strange time, you can help. At the top of our home page there’s a link to our Patreon page http://www.patreon.com/taarkamusic, where you can become a patron of our art, and get access to cool stuff like sheet music of our tunes and songs! You can become a patron at any level you want, and enjoy what we have to offer there. If monthly subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can donate your spare change or dollars to us at http://paypal.me/taarka – especially during our concerts, as this is the best replacement we have for ticket sales and guarantees we’re missing out on right now. We are so grateful for your support. It helps us keep on writing and arranging new music, which is what keeps us alive and sane during this time. Oh, and if you think you’d like to take a lesson from one of us, we’re teaching online, and there’s never been a better time for music lessons! Go to the lessons page on this website to find out more and get in touch! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay inside, make art, music and love. Love, David and Enion.