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KICKSTARTER for New Album! East Coast Tour!
Snow is on the ground. Lots of cooking – of both music and food – has been afoot in the Taarka house. Enion has been in the kitchen testing a... Read more »
New Album in the Works! Cave Music! Back Home! Rocky Mountain Halloween!
The close of summer brought lots of exciting things for Taarka. After receiving the honor of kicking off our little town’s big festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, which was a... Read more »
CD Release, Colorado, Utah, and West Coast Shows, and a Fiddle Camp
Happy Spring! We’re so excited, because along with the baby robins, young foxes, baby goats and chicks and all the greenery, a new album is being released into the world.... Read more »
The Reviews Are A’comin’ In: Making Tracks Home in No Depression, Blue Ridge Outdoors
We’ve been experiencing a gorgeous resurgence of winter here in lovely Lyons, Colorado. Nothing’s so lovely as fresh snow, and boy, do we need it! We’ve been enjoying it, watching... Read more »
Spring! New Album!!!! Music for Film!
So much going on this month! Spring is already in the air, with deer, foxes and birds showing up in large numbers to feast outside our back door here in... Read more »
Lots Happening in Taarka Land this Spring!
We are most excited to announce that our new album is finally complete! “Making Tracks Home” – in part a chronicle of our post-flood emotional and geographical journeys – is... Read more »
Taarka, Elephant Revival, and the Big Little Band
After spending a restive week in David’s hometown in Waterford, Va, we’re back home, finishing the artwork for our new cd, writing new songs, and enjoying the warm spell that... Read more »
Taarka brings fresh genre-bending world sounds to Ogden
Taarka takes its listeners on a journey across the Earth through the many genre lines its crosses with its music. The quartet and sometimes duo is headed by husband and... Read more »
River Eddy Blues: Commemorating September 11, 2013.
The dates Sept 11 – 15 have been significant in TAARKA’s history twice now. David and Enion were in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 11, 2001, relishing what seemed like an... Read more »
TAARKA chat with Quentin Young
Taarka sit down to chat with Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.  

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Enion and Mike from TAARKA are playing with Darol Anger in Salina, Colorado, Lyons, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Details and info about Darol and Enion's fiddle workshop are here: YES!! ... See MoreSee Less

We finally added physical CD ordering to our bandcamp page! = check it out! ... See MoreSee Less