CD Released, New Mexico and Southern Colorado Tour

Well, we were so busy releasing our CD that we forgot to tell you about it. So many thanks to our Kickstarter pledges for making it happen. “Fading Mystery” is one of our favorite album yet, and people seem to like it! Check it out:

No Depression digs it.

Folk Radio UK has some nice stuff to say.

Our area’s own Marquee Magazine says some sweet stuff, too!

We’re tickled!

It’s been a busy month since the release. Enion and Mike spent a week performing and teaching with Darol Anger in Colorado. And we have some shows coming up – both near home and down in New Mexico, with Birds of Chicago, and in Southern Colorado, which are listed on our concerts page. We’re gearing up for a fun summer of performing and teaching – Enion will be teaching a Creative Music workshop at Naropa, and David and Enion will be teaching at the Rustic Roots Music Camp near Valley View Hot Springs, which should be a blast, and you all should come! Taarka will be at the Crested Butte Music Festival, hanging out at Oregon Country Fair, and more! We’ll see you around!