It's good to be back home….

Yes, it is. We had a terrific time on the east coast with our roving band – David, Enion, Troy, little Aesop, faithful professional ball dog Tabla, and our trusty brigade of guitarists – Ross (Martin), Grant (Gordy), and Jefferson (Hamer). Particular highlights were both shows in Brooklyn, our visit to Wrentham, Mass to play at Proctor Mansion Inn, the wonderous “Barns Of Rosehill” to a sold out house in North Virginia and the house concert we played in Charlottesville. We returned home to Colorado, where spring is already champing at the bit, and headed for the snowy mountains to play a bluegrass festival in Keystone. We played a Boulder CD Release show, which was so much fun!

This month we are gearing up for more Colorado shows. David and Enion will be performing as a duo up in Gold Hill, and in Berthoud, and then the whole band will reconvene for a trip to our favorite stomping grounds – Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Check our schedule for details. Of course, all of these shows are CD Release parties, so we will have our new album in hand. Please note that some of the shows include a CD with price of admission – pretty cool, eh?
So, as always, the best way to get our music in your home is to come to a show, but if you just can’t wait, here is what to do:

Click on the Merchandise link at the top of this page and you can buy a physical copy of our new album, which we will mail to you post haste. You can also download an MP3 album. If MP3’s aren’t your speed, visit Taarka’s Bandcamp page for higher quality downloads. You can also find them on Itunes by searching for “Adventures in Vagabondia.” The MP3 album is also available on CDBaby and Amazon.