KICKSTARTER for New Album! East Coast Tour!

Snow is on the ground. Lots of cooking – of both music and food – has been afoot in the Taarka house. Enion has been in the kitchen testing a new gluten-free bread recipe and making berbere and spiced ghee everyone for holiday gifts.

Speaking of gifts…our new album is almost ready!! We are so excited about this music, but we can’t complete our vision for the album without the generous help of our fans and friends. That’s why we’re starting a Kickstarter campaign asking for the funds we need to master, create art and package design, print, create associated videos, and market the new cd. It’s called Fading Mystery, by the way, and we can’t wait to share it with you. We have lots of gifts to say thank you – from the usual downloads, cds and t-shirts to extra special stuff like tune books, tune dedications, music lessons and more! Please visit and consider donating!

The moment the campaign ends we’ll hit the road with (we hope) pre-release copies of our new CD and play shows in NC, VA, NY, MA and VT! Please check our dates page for details – we’re very excited to come out there and play for you!