Midwest Record Review: Adventures in Vagabondia

From Midwest Record:

TAARKA/Adventures in Vagabondia: This is the kind of alt.Americana I’ve been waiting on for years so it makes me happy/sad that after a decade together and six albums, I’m finally getting my first taste of them. They are so eclectic that even though there’s a consistency to their work, you almost feel like you are listening to a bunch of different acts. As equally inspired by Darol Anger as they are Jay Unger, this bunch can have hokum and folk music from Mars resting comfortably next to each other inside of the same song. A pair of super pickers in the traditional of what Anger, Marshall and the rest were doing 30 years ago at Rounder (which no one knew what to do with then), this acoustic, kitchen sink fusion will blow your mind. A totally killer date by a duo that started out as gypsy jazz buskers in New York, they are masters of the organic stuff you hear at local arts festivals that always leaves you feeling that the band was at least well intentioned. Yep, there are people that can play that stuff and play it with the right touch. Now, if you need to pack some killer tunes for that next hoedown on Jupiter, be sure to pack this. A real game changer.