River Eddy Blues: Commemorating September 11, 2013.

The dates Sept 11 – 15 have been significant in TAARKA’s history twice now. David and Enion were in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 11, 2001, relishing what seemed like an amazingly quiet morning (we slept late that day). Upon checking our messages, which were filled with friends and family asking if we were okay, we went outside, and witnessed the shock and sadness on the faces of our neighbors. We sat on the roof of Enion’s building and watched the scene across the river – the burning, the lights and sirens, the haze of confusion and horror over the city. Shortly after that we packed our things and headed west together, first to Portland, OR and then to Lyons, CO.

On Sept 11, 2013, Enion returned home to Lyons after having been out of town for 2 days. It was yet another rainy evening. 6 hours later, we were pulling what we could out of the house – kid, dog, instruments, recording studio gear – running through ever rising water. By the time we drove out, the water was nearly 2 feet high, and starting to compromise our ability to get out at all. For 3 days we watched as our neighborhood and parts of our lovely town were swallowed by the formerly mild-mannered river. It’s been a long year for us and many others. Much has been done in terms of the recovery in Lyons and other towns that were affected, but many, including ourselves, are not home yet. We are so grateful to those who have given us places to be in the last year.
This song and the accompanying video is a record of our experience. It will be released officially in Nov. 2014 as part of our upcoming album, “Making Tracks Home.”