The Reviews Are A’comin’ In: Making Tracks Home in No Depression, Blue Ridge Outdoors

We’ve been experiencing a gorgeous resurgence of winter here in lovely Lyons, Colorado. Nothing’s so lovely as fresh snow, and boy, do we need it! We’ve been enjoying it, watching kids sledding, dog’s chasing snowballs, and songbirds huddling around the bird feeder. We’ve also been enjoying the reviews that are starting to roll in for our new album, Making Tracks Home (preorder link).

The album  has its official release March 24, and we are having  a big cd release concert March 27 at the amazing Boulder venue ETown Hall.We’re delighted to announce that the one and only Benny “Burle” Galloway will be joining us and opening up the show. You can check out show details here. If you’re curious about the new album, well, check out what these writers have to say about it. Blue Ridge Outdoors was kind enough to premiere our opening track, Heart and Song, talk a bit about the album, and ask us about our town of Lyons. And No Depression had this to say,  among other things: “(David and Enion) are a couple with their roots firmly planted in the purity and majesty of Colorado, and their music is directly evocative of such geography.”  We like that line!

Of course the only way to know what YOU think is to get the album yourself, so we hope you do! Now back to the snow…